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We show up, take your tires, place them in our climate controlled storage and return them to a dedicated Tire Chalet service centre partner in your neighbourhood when you're ready to switch.

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Helping residential customers with tire storage

So you've got tires stored in your garage and they are taking up space. They are awkward to maneuver around, they are dirty, you're tripping over them, and you could use the space for something else. There is a better solution than storing them yourself.

Residential Tire Storage

Also, did you know that storing those dirty, dingy tires in a non-climate controlled environment makes the rubber 100% more likely to crack from moisture changes in the air, making the tire more likely to blow out randomly? That's a scary thought!

Let the tire storage professionals take care of you!

You deserve peace of mind. We are confident you would much rather the convenience of having us pick up your tires at your home, transport them to our secure warehouse, clean them, store them, and transport them back to your mechanic shop to put them back on your vehicle in the spring. We'll even If you want to know exactly how our service works, click here.

For those who already realize the benefit of this service, click here to take the first step. We will pick up, clean your tires and store them in our secure warehouse. When you are ready to have the tires put back on, we will transport your tires to wherever you want to have them put back on.

Your safety is a priority of Tire Chalet

The safety of you and your family is of utmost importance. You will have peace of mind knowing professionals are assessing the tires you and your family count on every day. Doing this will all but prevent a disastrous random tire blowout while driving. We are passionate about your safety and your tires! It's that simple.

Simple 6 Step Process to Working with Tire Chalet

Step 1

Step 1

Call Tire Chalet at 1-855-487-TIRE or use our online form below to get started!

Step 2

Step 2

Book an appointment for pick-up.

Step 3

Step 3

Our Tire Chalet team will arrive on time, assess your tires, take photos, and roll them into the truck. We'll leave you with contact information in case you need your tires in a pinch!

Step 4

Step 4

Our team will transport your tires to our secure warehouse, wash them, and store them as a set.

Step 5

Step 5

Our warehouse team does a full tire safety inspection. If we find any irregularities, you will be notified by one of our tire experts.

Step 6

Step 6

At the end of the season, when you want your tires put back on, call us back at 1-855-487-TIRE or use our online form below to have us transport your tires to a dedicated Tire Chalet service centre partner in your neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to get my tires stored. How exactly does it work?

We would coordinate a time to come pick up your tires from you. We would then bring them back to our climate-controlled warehouse, wash them, and store them. When you want them back the following season, we won't bring them back to you, but rather to one of our service partners of your choice.

How much does it cost to store tires?

It starts at only $99.99 per set / per season.

What does "season" mean?

We look at it this way. There are two seasons: Summer and Winter. Your storage fee covers you for one season (6 months) until your next changeover. If you exceed the 6 months, it's not the end of the world. We just expect the tires to come and go twice per annum. If your tires aren't retrieved during the necessary timeframe, they will be subject to an extended storage fee.

Do I get a deal on the pricing if it's only three tires instead of four?

Unfortunately, no. We don't adjust our prices based on the number of tires. Whether it's two tires, or six tires (provided they're from the same vehicle). In our world, it's considered one set.

What if I only put them in storage for three months? Will you give me a deal?

We don't prorate our pricing. It's per set, per season.

Does it matter (price-wise) if they're on rims or not?

No. They're all the same to us.

If I can't coordinate a time for you to come pick them up, can I just drop them off at the warehouse?

Yes, of course. Call us in advance, and we'll be sure to be ready to receive your tires.

What about the delivery? Can my tires be dropped off at my house?

Yes. For an additional $44.99, we would drop them off at your house, provided it's during the weekend. We'll accept payment, by card, on site.

If all else fails, and I'm in a rush, can I just come grab my tires from your warehouse when I need them back?

Yes. Simply contact us the day before, and we'll accommodate your request.

Would you be able to changeover my tires for me?

No, unfortunately that's not a service that we offer. Our service partners do that.

How do I know that you won't lose my tires?

We use a specific labeling system to help keep track of every set of tires in our warehouse. Your tires will be labeled (with labels specific to you), and scanned into a bin. From there, we'll know exactly where they are. Once the tires are in their final location, you'll receive an invoice.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice by email. From there, you can either phone our accounting department to pay by credit card, or you can send a cheque to the mailing address on the invoice.

Are my tires safe and secure with you?

Yes, of course. Your tires will be placed in our monitored, fully-insured warehouse.

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