Family Business

Tire Chalet was created in the Spring of 2015 by first cousins Shawn and Jamie Hebert in Winnipeg, MB. Shawn, acting as President oversees the vision of the company, while Jamie acts as General Manager of day to day operations; together they make a formidable team.

Further to this, the father / son team of Glenn and Daniel Hogg complete the family business by managing the warehouse operations in both the Winnipeg and Calgary locations. Lastly, their childhood friend Joel Marcoux has the acumen for sales and effectively contributes to growing new business in each market.

These family bonds and dedication to working together as a team, have made the foundation for success of the company. Together they embarked on a mission to solve the ever increasing problem of seasonal tire storage experienced by auto dealers and tire shops, by providing reliable timely service at a fair price. Moreover, they believed they could market the service in greater more creative ways, to ultimately provide more value to each customer of Tire Chalet.

Benefits of a Local Company

Being local, we are a family owned business that is personally invested in our community and our relationship with our customers. We are close by to provide hands on service and handle any of your needs.

Tire Chalet is Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver's premier choice for tire storage. Our storage facility is purpose built and set up to receive sets of tires, wash and care for them and provide a full "tire health" assessment to give you confidence that someone intimately knows your tires.

Helping Residential Customers

Have nowhere to store your winter, summer or all season tires? Storing your tires in your garage can be a nuisance.

It's easy to trip on them. You get dirty just touching them to move them. They can be very heavy. They take up too much space in your garage. Not to mention, storing them yourself in a non-climate controlled environment could cause your tires to dry out and crack, leaving them susceptible to blowout while driving.

Don't worry, we have you covered. We can transport them for you and save you the mess, the pain and the hassle.

Helping Commercial Customers

Servicing nearly 200 accounts across 3 provinces, starts with the reliability of the Tire Chalet warehouse. Each location proudly features the following:

  • Fully insured premises with remote video surveillance and motion recording
  • ESFR (Early Suppression Fast Response) rated sprinklers
  • Conveniently located climate controlled environment
  • Span over 30,000 square feet
  • Large wash bay for pressure washing tires and rims with hot water and soap
  • State of the art scanning technology to inventory every set
  • A comfortable office and meeting room
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