Seasonal tire storage that is safe, convenient, cost efficient and saves you the mess, pain and hassle of having to do it yourself.

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Storage Program

Getting tired of wasting valuable space on your dirty, bulky seasonal tires? Let us handle the hassle for you. Simply pick, click, and pay to safely store your tires in our fully-insured, climate-controlled facility

Starting at

$94.99per season (6 months)

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Client Testimonials

"Taking Tire Chalet on as a business partner has been a great win for the Crown Auto group and an even bigger win for our customers. If we could work this closely, have the same success and same levels of effort, caring and efficiency from all of our partners, there would be a lot less stress in our business.

The best compliment I can give is the fact that if there is a hiccup in a tire pick-up or delivery, my first assumption is that we caused the error and not to worry because Tire Chalet will get it handled."

Crown Auto Group

Walter Schirrmeister

Vice President, Crown Auto Group

"Tire Chalet looks after storing tires for 8 of our Dilawri Dealerships in Calgary.

Tire storage is what they do, and they do it well. Great Service, good communication, and competitive pricing.

I would recommend Tire Chalet for your tire storage needs"

Dilawri Group of Companies, AB Region

James Oancia

Regional Director of Fixed Operations, Dilawri Group of Companies, AB Region

"The absolute best in the tire storage industry!

Great service, value and makes tire storage a seamless part of our retention strategy in our group."

Canada One Auto Group

Warren Hartfelder

Vice President
Fixed Operations
Canada One Auto Group

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Commercial Tire Storage

Service Centres, Dealerships & Shop Partnerships

Running a successful car dealership, tire servicing centre or automotive repair shop?

Part of your regular maintenance is helping customers with a new set of winter tires or summer tires. You pull off the old ones and put on the new. What do you do with the old ones? Package those dirty things up and send them back with the customer? Or, are you storing them in your facility somewhere, taking up unnecessary space that could be better used for things like merchandise? Bulky, round tires can be a nasty tripping hazard for your staff, too.

Want to clear those tires out of the shop, or adding an extra layer of value for your customers at NO extra charge to you?

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Tire Chalet Commercial Tire Storage
Tire Chalet Commercial Tire Storage
Tire Chalet Commercial Tire Storage
Tire Chalet Commercial Tire Storage

Tire Storage For Your Customers

Tire Storage For Your Customers

Step 1: Call Tire Chalet at 1-855-487-TIRE - we'll go over everything with you and get your online account set up!

Step 2: You choose: Integrate your DMS with our software and make one daily upload allowing us to see any scheduled appointments involving your tire storage op-code, or simply login to your online account and request pickups and deliveries manually.

Step 3: Our Tire Chalet team will arrive on time, assess your tires, take photos, and roll them into the truck. After that, simply use the features in step 2 to get in touch or check out your inventory.

Tire Storage For Your Customers

Step 4: Our team will transport them to our secure warehouse, wash them, and store them as a set.

Step 5: Our warehouse team does a full “Tire Report”. We’ll prepare a report about current tread wear, tread depth, and any air leakage points.

Step 6: When the customer wants their tires switched at the end of the season, our team will transport the set back to your service bay when you’re ready for them. The customer will be pleased that their tires were washed, cleaned, and assessed. You’ll also look fantastic to the customer when you inform them of anything that came up on their tire report, helping you to continue to offer the level of service that keeps customers coming back for more!

Our Locations

Our Locations

We live and breathe tire storage, and do our very best to cater to each of our customer's requests.

– Shawn Hebert

President, Tire Chalet

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